Questions from Whiteboard @SonicRim

The March Whiteboard session was all about questions. There were about 18 of us– independent consultants, contractors, industry experts, students– and we began with an icebreaker that called for curiosity. Everyone was asked to write three to five questions on the whiteboard that were (closely or distantly) related to the field of design research. Once all questions were up, we all voted on the ones we wanted to further delve into. The most popular were:

– How can insights drawn from power users be extrapolated to all users? Can they?

– How do you convince a company to invest in a project with initially fuzzy outcomes?

– How do you position a user research team earlier in the product cycle at the conceptualizing stage?

– How do you express the value of design research vesus traditional market research?

– How can I research on an international scale with little to no budget?

Conversations that grew throughout the session surrounded many of these questions: how long-term client relationships build an appreciation for the process of qualitative research and leads to research projects at various stages of product/service development; the role of design research at various stages in product/service development; the value of research that produces unexpected results; and how to facilitate making insights actionable.

Although the plan was to split into breakout groups, the icebreaker questions kept everyone engaged until the end. So perhaps next time we will consider the ideas of mentorship, transformational experiences, the process of engineering compelling workshops, and fostering collaboration across internal silos. As always, in the end we’ll go with the flow of conversation, and collaboratively determine our areas of greatest interest.

Join us next time at the whiteboard– April 27th from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Click here for the event posting.

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