Big Data: A Systematic View

Big Data whitepaper

We hear an increasing volume of stories around the shortcomings of current approaches to Big Data, resulting in failures of decision-makingbiased insightsexcessive data collection, and semantic confusion around the term itself. In our community, recent conversations have turned to the question of how research can participate in this picture, and blending the qualitative and quantitative approaches to insight generation.

However, it’s our perspective that these conversations are defensive and in reaction to the technologies that have made Big Data possible. We’d like to shift to a strategic perspective that allow us to anticipate problems & act with foresight.  For the October Whiteboard 2013 Session, a variety of design, research, innovation management, and product management practitioners gathered to clarify this picture.

In order to make this useful to the design and research communities we have created a synthesis of that discussion, in an attempt to arrive at a systematic understanding of Big Data, its impact on research and design, and opportunities afforded by the trend.

Read or download Big Data: A Systematic View. We look forward to your comments at

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