Ideas only have value through implementation. As you take insights from concept to market, we keep your team focused on the original findings.

Co-Creation Workshops

We work with internal stakeholders to align insights and inspire collaborative action.

Go-To Market Strategy

Through direct immersive experiences, we identity user-derived value and develop a meaningful value proposition from the findings.

Iterative Concept Development

By incorporating multiple touch points with the target audience, we help your team stay in sync with customer expectations as concepts are refined.

Insight Translation Audit

About three to six months after the conclusion of an exploratory research project, we recommend a workshop to assess how findings were translated into actionable items, and, if necessary, realign your internal team with the core insights.

  • Results

    “You did a great job taking a complex topic and making it comprehensible and actionable.”

    “No matter how well a business opportunity is established through quantitative research, until I develop an instinct for that opportunity, I am not driven to pursue the opportunity all the way to the market. That is where a trusted partnership with SonicRim helped me pursue my instinct”