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The Death & Life of Great American Cities

Jacobs provocatively tackles the question of why some cities seem to thrive and some wither. Combining observation and analysis with a strong social conscience and sense of justice, Jacob’s approach sets a high standard for the kind of holistic & humanistic approach design thinking needs to be.

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Outside Lies Magic

Stilgoe’s keen eye for observation and detail bring this exercise in psychogeography to life, making it a down-to-earth field manual for exploring spaces & their histories. The book illustrates the importance of historical analysis in research, and of seeking explanations in more than momentary trends.

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100% India

Geel & Levy conduct an inspiring investigation into the practice of design by “everyday” people in India, with implications for sustainability & reuse. The book is noteworthy for its research method: trawling the bazaars of Jaipur & Delhi for objects and photographically investigating their materials, form & aesthetics.

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The Interpretation of Cultures

Geertz presents anthropological essays on culture & its manifestations in everything from Moroccan civic life to Balinese cockfights. Explaining the process of unpacking observations and drawing cultural insights through interpretation, the works in this book essentially established the modern ethnographic method.

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Tools for Conviviality

Almost forty years ago, Illich wrote this vision of a participatory design within a convivial society. He propose the creation of new society where every ordinary citizen will find opportunities to bring his/her imagination to life. The future scenarios depicted in this book can serve as a manifesto for designers who believe in the philosophy of co-creation.

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Future of Autonomous Driving in India: A Co-Creation Workshop

Uday will conduct a co-creation workshop at the 10th Pune Design Festival on February 26th and 27th. The workshop will offer an opportunity to learn how to introduce  a disruptive technology into community imagination with sensitivity to cultural, psychological and social factors. For the workshop we have chosen a topic that is already drivers’ mental models and challenging the imagination... learn more »

Whiteboard @ SonicRim: Designing Design Education

Where should we draw the boundaries of design education? Design has been considered to encompass all kinds of things — from a safety pin to a highway.  It involves the development of hardware and software. Its scope involves tangible and intangible domains of human life. The practice of design has come a long way since... learn more »

October 16, 2015: A workshop on “Innovation Through Co-creation” at Wayne State University, Detroit.

A workshop on “Innovation Through Co-creation” at Wayne State University, Detroit. SonicRim Uday Dandavate and Kevin Schmidt facilitated a workshop on “Innovation through Cocreaton” at the Wayne State University in Detroit. 25 participants from both for profit and non-profit sector participated in this hands on workshop. A key point made was the need to introduce... learn more »