Whiteboard @SonicRim

The Idea

Several years ago, the SonicRim team did a project on the role of whiteboards in office spaces. From this eye-opening experience, we learned that the whiteboard is a valuable tool for facilitating exploration, discovery, and collaboration. On a more philosophical level, it represents the void that we fill with our knowledge and imagination– a space that brings minds together.

So What’s Whiteboard?

We want to use Whiteboard @SonicRim as a platform for inspiring reflection among our community, and to start thinking about the future with a clean, blank space. We have 128 square feet of whiteboard at SonicRim, and we invite you to fill it with ideas about the relevance and purpose of our work.

We typically spend the first hour networking and then begin whiteboarding, and we play with the format and explore new topics each time.

Who Can Come?

Practicing designers and design reseachers, or people from industry jobs who are curious to learn about design research. Even if your day job requires you to compete with each other, the whiteboard is a platform for everyone to collaborate.


665 Third Street, Suite 410 in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco

Join the Conversation

There won’t be another Whiteboard session until January 2013. Happy holidays, and we hope to see you in the New Year!

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