Whiteboard @SonicRim

Every month we open up our San Francisco office to all professionals and students working in or interested in the design research industry. Using 128 square feet of whiteboard space, we have created a forum for creative collaboration. Join us for a relaxed Friday afternoon to discuss ideas about the relevance and purpose of our work.

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Join the Conversation

The next Whiteboard @SonicRim will be in January. Happy holidays!

Here’s what happened at the April session:

SonicRim Book Club

To engage the expertise of our larger community, we are piloting a new initiative– the SonicRim Book Club. If you’re in any way associated with the design research industry, as a practitioner, client, or academic, we invite you to be a voice in our monthly book club. We’ll send you a book– it’s on us!– if you write a review for our website.

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Review a Book

Our latest book reviews, written by Lisa Handalian and Hy Mariampolski, are up!

Check back on Friday, August 17th for September Book Club titles!