We believe that collaboration is the key to making the world a better place. We seek out the wisdom and insights of people who have a stake in the success of your organization, and help them come together to drive innovation and bring imagination to life.


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Uday Dandavate
Co-Founder and CEO

Uday is an avid world traveler, a passionate champion of co-creation, a political columnist, and a design activist. His creative curiosity for people, cultures, and change has drawn him to fields as diverse as anthropology, psychology, communication, sociology, marketing, politics, and design.

At SonicRim he is focused on helping clients cultivate a capacity for co-imagining the future and co-creating solutions that help improve the lives of everyday people.

Uday is a relentless design activist, searching for ways to rally people around macro issues. He is often invited to write for design and political magazines, and speak for corporate, nonprofit, and academic environments about change, innovation, and co-creation.

Uday holds a masters degree in design research from The Ohio State University, and a professional diploma in industrial design from the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad.

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Our researchers come from a variety of backgrounds: psychology, anthropology, sociology, marketing, economics, communication theory, computer science, and design. Their diverse expertise ensures that our insights are relevant and viable.

We can tailor projects to your team’s goals and constraints. And we are good at making changes based on field insights.
We’ll involve you every step of the way, if that’s what you want, to ensure you experience research first-hand, and that you never feel out of control.

Throughout the project we’ll always keep you informed and updated. There will always be someone to answer your questions.

Our process has numerous check points– workshops, meetings, and phone calls– so we stay on track and you get what you need.