Innovation is Challenging

People only become customers if they perceive real value.

Innovative differentiation from competitors is critical.

The market and consequently consumer behavior is constantly changing.

Internal alignment is necessary to act quickly on opportunities.

SonicRim can help your team discover the needs, aspirations, and pain points of customers in order to help define products, services, environments, strategies, or branding.

Explore » new opportunity spaces and understand customer experiences.

Discover » opportunities by connecting insights with ideas.

Act » on the opportunities by creating a shared vision for your organization.

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Big Data: A Systematic View

Big Data whitepaperWe hear an increasing volume of stories around the shortcomings of current approaches to Big Data, resulting in failures of decision-making, biased insights, excessive data collection, and semantic confusion around the term itself. In our community, recent conversations have turned to the question of how research can participate in this picture, and blending the qualitative and quantitative approaches to insight... read more »

Using Metaphors for Breakthrough Innovation

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 2.21.25 PMInnovating form and features is not enough in creating breakthrough innovations.  Designing with metaphors will open up new frontiers for designers ready to experiment with the human craving for meaning and sense making. Read our white paper on Designing with Metaphors at read more »

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Tremor Video: Ethnographically informed video advertising

Brian King, the Chief Branding Office of Marriott Hotels International, delivered an opening keynote presentation of the findings of a global ethnographic study, “Video Lives 2013″  at the IAB MIXX conference.   The study, sponsored by New York based Tremor Video was a collaboration between SonicRim, Tremor Video, Marriott Hotels, MEC International, and Aegis Media.... read more »

Whiteboard @ SonicRim: October ’13 – Big Data

SonicRim would like to invite the community to join us for October’s Whiteboard gathering on Friday October 25, 2013 from 2PM to 5PM at our San Francisco office (665 Third St Suite 410, San Francisco CA 94107). There is a huge variety of people working on Big Data approaches, methods, and technologies to study/understand different spheres (e.g.... read more »

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