Innovation is Challenging

People only become customers if they perceive real value.

Innovative differentiation from competitors is critical.

The market and consequently consumer behavior is constantly changing.

Internal alignment is necessary to act quickly on opportunities.

SonicRim can help your team discover the needs, aspirations, and pain points of customers in order to help define products, services, environments, strategies, or branding.

Explore » new opportunity spaces and understand customer experiences.

Discover » opportunities by connecting insights with ideas.

Act » on the opportunities by creating a shared vision for your organization.

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Thoughts on Innovation Through Co-Creation

IMG_2459SonicRim Co-Founder and CEO Uday Dandavate highlights key elements of introducing co-creation practice in an organization. This presentation is an extract from a keynote presentation delivered at the “Innovation Through Co-Creation” workshop conducted recently at the Wayne State University in Detroit. Read More read more »

Pointers to the Future of Design

IMG_3143“The designer of the future is going to be a storyteller who engages communities of people and facilitates a discourse that shapes co-imagination of future scenarios which will be always under construction” says SonicRim Co-Founder and CEO Uday Dandavate in his review of the book, “101 Things I learned in Architecture School” by Matthew Frederick... read more »

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October 16, 2015: A workshop on “Innovation Through Co-creation” at Wayne State University, Detroit.

IMG_2600A workshop on “Innovation Through Co-creation” at Wayne State University, Detroit. SonicRim Uday Dandavate and Kevin Schmidt facilitated a workshop on “Innovation through Cocreaton” at the Wayne State University in Detroit. 25 participants from both for profit and non-profit sector participated in this hands on workshop. A key point made was the need to introduce... read more »

Dec 2014 Whiteboard@SonicRim: Ecosystems and Internet of Things

sea life by david littschwagerAfter a long break, we’re hosting Whiteboard@SonicRim again on Friday Dec 19th from 2 to 5pm, just in time for you to loosen your conceptual muscles and engage in some relaxing pre-holiday intellectual speculation. We’ve been spending this past year taking & developing ecosystems perspectives on a variety of subjects, and noting some trends in... read more »

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