Innovation is Challenging

People only become customers if they perceive real value.

Innovative differentiation from competitors is critical.

The market and consequently consumer behavior is constantly changing.

Internal alignment is necessary to act quickly on opportunities.

SonicRim can help your team discover the needs, aspirations, and pain points of customers in order to help define products, services, environments, strategies, or branding.

Explore » new opportunity spaces and understand customer experiences.

Discover » opportunities by connecting insights with ideas.

Act » on the opportunities by creating a shared vision for your organization.

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What is Co-Creation?

Uday explains: "The purpose of co-creation is not to elicit creative ideas and direction from everyday people, but rather to seek their help in ensuring that the product and service ideas of creative people are made relevant and meaningful to users and their contexts." Read more in this primer on how co-creation supports design and product development. read more »

India: a laboratory for autonomous driving

Just as a smartphone is not a luxury but a lifeline for many Indians who have leapfrogged computers and embraced smartphones as their primary platform for connectivity, I feel sufficiently confident from this workshop to predict that autonomous driving will be embraced by India for reasons other than those in the US or Europe. read more »

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Future of Autonomous Driving in India: A Co-Creation Workshop

Uday will conduct a co-creation workshop at the 10th Pune Design Festival on February 26th and 27th. The workshop will offer an opportunity to learn how to introduce  a disruptive technology into community imagination with sensitivity to cultural, psychological and social factors. For the workshop we have chosen a topic that is already drivers’ mental models and challenging the imagination... read more »

Whiteboard @ SonicRim: Designing Design Education

Where should we draw the boundaries of design education? Design has been considered to encompass all kinds of things — from a safety pin to a highway.  It involves the development of hardware and software. Its scope involves tangible and intangible domains of human life. The practice of design has come a long way since... read more »

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