We are...


Uday Dandavate

Co-Founder and CEO

Uday is a world traveler, a champion of co-creation, and a design activist. His curiosity for people, cultures, and change has drawn him to fields as diverse as anthropology, psychology, communication, sociology, marketing, politics, and design.

At SonicRim he helps clients cultivate a capacity for co-imagining the future and co-creating solutions that help improve the lives of everyday people.

Uday holds a Masters of Design Research from The Ohio State University, and a professional diploma in industrial design from the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad.


Arvind Venkataramani

Director of research

Arvind has 12 years experience leading research into experiences where new products and business models are not obvious, predictable or even visible. Having done research into healthcare, mobile technologies, transportation, communication, gaming, housework, and education, he has found that possibilities for a better world abound.
Arvind has has expertise with ethnographic and other user research, visual thinking, facilitation, and interaction design; and a Masters in Human Computer Interaction from GeorgiaTech. These days he spends a lot of time thinking about collective action and how to support it through creativity, dialogue, and compassion.



Ash Anderson

Senior Researcher

Ash is an anthropologist with a background in qualitative research and research design. She is driven by a desire to connect with others and to remind people that they have agency all the time. 

Ash agrees with Clifford Geertz and Max Weber that “man is an animal suspended in webs of significance he himself has spun,” and therefore pursues the search for meaning through the tracking and interpretation of discourses. 

She has 7 years of experience in design research, with a special emphasis on research in Asia. 


Jeff Borisch

Director of Technology Tools

Jeff has over 10 years of experience supporting research and creating experiences that empower the team to produce the highest value insights for our clients. His background in design and technology have prepared him to act with agility in coordinating with our collaborators, streamlining our methods and overseeing the technical operations of client work and SonicRim’s internal initiatives. “I desire to enable people to do their best work. That is my best work.”


Brandon Kim

Operations Consultant

Brandon specializes in financial planning for small business.  He graduated with an accounting degree from University of Hawaii. Brandon Kim Advises SonicRim on matters related to overall financial planning and strategy, managing profitability, quality management, process improvement, budgeting and accountability.


Carolyn Landsettle

Business Manager

Carolyn has been with SonicRim for over ten years. She joined SonicRim after working at a leading international design firm, Fitch Inc. for fifteen years as a group assistant for the Product Design group. At SonicRim Carolyn’s role involves monitoring resources used against budgets and providing timely feedback to the project leaders for course correction, with the objective of achieving productivity, efficiency, and profitability.


Nan Bress

Video Ethnographer

Nan is responsible for developing video narratives of our ethnographic research. Nan has worked for over 14 years as an ethnographic researcher, focusing on medical ethnographies, high tech, automotive, and consumer goods for Fortune 100 companies. Trained at Stanford University's Documentary Film/Videomaking master's program, was part of a two person ethnography team with Cultural Dynamics that won two gold David Ogilvy Advertising Research awards for Chevrolet Silverado, "There's Life to be Done."